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We live in a time where it’s not unusual for budding pros to have coaches, quivers, a second home in San Clemente and a new e-bike in the driveway. 

There’s nothing wrong with it. If you’ve got parents and sponsors willing to fund your dream, you’ll have a far better chance at success. 

But Sheldon Paishon didn’t have that kind of financial support growing up. He didn’t even have a house. The 30-year-old from the Westside of Oahu was born into poverty and spent most of his adolescence homeless. In the ocean he found escape and hope, with aspirations of becoming a professional surfer.  

In Through The Doggy Door, we get an unfiltered glimpse of how Sheldon grew up, and hear from the local community — including Mason Ho — that saw his potential and tried their best to steer him toward a better future. But as Sheldon would find out, the path to pro surfing is not an easy one.

This film will make you laugh and cry, wince and cheer. There’s no coat of sugar, and that’s why we love it. It’s raw. Real. And there are more wild goats than e-bikes.

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